Bria and Chrissy: "Life as we knew it ended right there that night"

The YouTube supercouple have a heart-to-heart with Roxy Bourdillon


Shiloh Strong


I’m sat at home in bed watching YouTube couple Bria and Chrissy on my laptop. They’re cracking jokes, stealing kisses and murmuring “Love you babe” to each other whenever they get the opportunity. It’s just like one of their hundreds of viral videos, except we’re on Skype and this is an interview, not me getting lost in yet another web surfing spiral.


As I mentally pinch myself and adjust to the fact that two of my favourite YouTubers can see me, answer my questions and I am basically inside one of their videos right now, I try to keep my cool and congratulate them on their six year anniversary. They are clearly still crazy about each other and can barely keep their hands off one another as they sit in the LA home they share with their two cats. “Sometimes I think there’s superglue on this hand,” smiles Bria, besotted. “I just can’t get enough of you,” Chrissy gushes right back. Bria turns to me and goes for a gag – “Have we convinced people? I mean we’re actually just friends!” It’s a typical Brissy moment, ripe with emotion, then deftly punctured with laughter. Like a long-haired lesbian Chandler from Friends, Bria’s natural instinct is to reach for the punchline, while Chrissy is ever the entertainer – charming, wide-eyed and articulate.


As it’s our love issue, I break the ice by asking if they have any Valentine’s Day plans. “We’ll do something sweet,” Chrissy assures me, before Bria jumps in, “Oh, I have an idea. Why don’t we be on the cover of a magazine to celebrate our love?” They smooch again adorably, a finely-tuned romantic double act. It’s this charisma and connection that has earned them close to a million subscribers on their two YouTube channels, Bria And Chrissy and Our Lesbian Love. They post videos ranging from heartfelt personal vlogs to comedy sketches and original songs. Sample titles include We Need To Tell You Something, Girls French Kiss Girls For The First Time and the fun-filled 20 Facts About Butts.


“We think of ourselves as entertainers, almost in a vaudeville way, whether it’s singing or making people laugh or doing activism,” explains Chrissy. It’s amazing that these two out women are providing such awesome representation and entertainment to so many members of the queer community, myself included. Bria admits that when she was 13 and struggling with her sexuality, all she wanted was to ask, “Am I normal?” and have someone say “yes”. “The fact that I didn’t have that and am now able to do that for other people is such a beautiful thing.” Chrissy touches her arm tenderly and reminds her, “That part of you that’s 13 never goes away. By doing what we’re doing, every day you’re able to tell little Bria, ‘Look, everything’s ok’”.




Read all about Bria and Chrissy's engagement and their four year fight for justice against revenge porn in the February issue of DIVA. It's available to buy in print or digitally here.



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