Clexacon: Briana Venskus

DIVA gets up close and personal with the stars at this year's Clexacon, THE multi-fandom event for LGBTQ women and allies 🌟


Briana Venskus


As the first and largest multi-fandom event for LGBTQ women and allies, ClexaCon brings together thousands of diverse LGBTQ fans and content creators from around the world to celebrate positive representation for LGBTQ women in the media.


In this series, DIVA catches up with the stars of this year's Clexacon London convention to find out a little more about them before the BIG event. See you there? 🌟



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DIVA: What’s your name, and where in the world do you come from?

BV: Briana Venskus, from North Carolina in the United States.


What show do you star in, and which character do you play?

Well, it's a bit of a list... In Agents Of Shield, I play Piper, in The Walking Dead I play Beatrice, and in Supergirl I play Vasquez!


How long have you been playing each character?

I've done around three or four seasons with each show now.



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Describe your characters in three words.

Bad. Ass. Ladies.


Describe yourself, IRL, in three words.

Introverted. Extroverted. Motorcyclist. 


Are your characters dating anyone?

Not that we know of... but the fan-fiction that's come together out there has some great options.



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Who was your TV crush growing up as a kid? 

Perhaps surprisingly, I didn’t watch too much TV growing up, but I watched a lot of movies! I had a huge crush on Angelina Jolie.


What’s your favourite thing about taking part in conventions like, Clexacon?

Meeting all the amazing people who come along and grabbing a drink!


Tell us, in a sentence, why you think magazines like DIVA are still important.

Because it’s important to be able to pick up a magazine and know that the articles will be relatable to you.



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