Clexacon: Mandahla Rose

Clexacon is THE multi-fandom event for LGBTQ women and allies, here DIVA gets up close and personal with the stars of this year's convention ✨


Mandahla Rose


As the first and largest multi-fandom event for LGBTQ women and allies, ClexaCon brings together thousands of diverse LGBTQ fans and content creators from around the world to celebrate positive representation for LGBTQ women in the media.


In this series, DIVA catches up with the stars of this year's Clexacon London convention to find out a little more about them before the BIG event.





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DIVA: What’s your name, and where in the world do you come from?
MR: My name is Mandahla Rose and I am an Australian living in Los Angeles.


What show do you star in, and which character do you play?
I'm probably best known for the character I played in the feature film, All About E, in which I play E. This year though, I have worked on a number of series where I play queer characters.


In BIFL I play Sarah, an ace lesbian, with they/them/their pronouns. In Passage, I play Diana Atwell, a Janus protector agent. I play Iza in Alice & Iza to Guinevere Turner's Alice. In Forever Not Maybe, I play Sasha Austin, a lighting director in LA. And in season two of Crazy Bitches, I'm Pandora, a 20-something YouTuber crushing hard (again!) on Guinevere Turner.


Phew! Lots of wonderful queer content coming soon! 


How long did it take to shoot All About E?
We shot All About E in 2013, and even though I haven't been E again, I certainly feel responsible to her. 



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Describe E in three words.
On a journey. That's three words! 


Describe yourself, IRL, in three words.
Open to possibilities. 


Is E dating anyone?
Well, in the film she's still in love with Trish. And although she tries to drown her broken heart in the arms of other women, she inevitably finds herself on the doorstep of her love... 


What's Trish like? 
Oh, Trish. She's beautiful. A country girl. Cares deeply for E. Strong. Resilient. Would do anything for those she loves...


I realise that I can describe Trish rather well, but gave a vague, three-worded description of E... It's just that the journey that E finds herself on is the kind of journey that shifts the course of her life, and rediscovering her love for Trish (and herself) is the catalyst of that change. 



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Who was your TV crush growing up as a kid? 
Stacy Haiduk in SeaQuest DSV. Those blue eyes... woah. Also actor Ali Larter. Mmm


What’s your favourite thing about taking part in conventions like, Clexacon?
People coming together, sharing stories, and making connections. 


Tell us, in a sentence, why you think magazines like DIVA are still important.
To be completely honest, I didn't know DIVA existed before now, but perhaps if I knew about spaces like this to get content from, my coming out would have been a different story.


We need loud voices, and I am glad and grateful that DIVA is one of them. 



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