Do you want to see Wings on the silver screen?

Audrey and Dora have fallen in love; but when World War II ends, Audrey’s husband returns and so must "normality"


WINGS 2018


Recent media has began to shine a light on homosexuality amongst men during historical wars, but when searching for informative memoirs, interviews or publications about British lesbians during these periods, we found next to nothing...


The lack of documentation then said it all – this is precisely why Wings has to be made. 



Wings is a short film that tells the story of Audrey and Dora, two Women’s Land Army girls who fall in love; but when World War II ends, Audrey’s husband returns and so must "normality". 


Many years pass, and the women live a life apart; but an unexpected reunion is on the horizon, and it is never too late to be brave, and never too late to love.


Hopefully most homosexual people of this period were able to find their wings eventually, and leave behind the fear, guilt and judgement that tethered them – Wings is for those who did, those who couldn’t, and those who that are yet to...



Back in 2014, a very crude form of Wings was first conceived when the director Jamie Weston worked on a documentary called Essex Girls: 


"While watching through the rushes of the WWII land army section, I found myself fixated with so many questions about life for women during that time, so much was still to be said and within the documentary we made, it had only highlighted a snapshot of the time."


Jamie Weston and Carla Fraser worked on the Wings script and then brought this story alive, on a micro budget funded by their day jobs, and with a very quick turn around.


Both are passionate about positive social change and previously worked together on a short film called Grey Future that called for a full UK ivory ban and the preservation of endangered elephants and rhinos. 


In a magical turn of events, the Wings script attracted national treasures, BAFTA award-winning and OBE actresses Miriam Margolyes and Virginia Mckenna, alongside Rosie Day from the cult television series Outlander, and Bobby Lockwood from Wolf Blood.


Wings also features actress Lu Corfield and patron of Pride Cymru, who speaks passionately about the project:



"One of the things that I love the most about Wings, is seeing the younger generation – our creative team, firmly handing the mic back to a generation that wasn’t allowed to speak out."


The first block of filming has taken place and the next section is set to be filmed in April 2019, starring Margolyes and Mckenna.


All of this is only possible with the support of those backing the project via Kickstarter, and funds raised go towards the filmmaking process and festival fees, ensuring that Wings circulates world wide film festivals, touching as many hearts as possible; and with only one week left of fund raising, they need your support more than ever


Team Wings have plans to screen the film within retirement homes, and ensure that this is something that is given back to the LGBTQ+ community, to encourage inclusiveness and celebrate their print on history. 


Head to Kickstarter to become apart of the Wings journey and ensure this project is completed – there are exclusive rewards available, including being a part of the Wings credits and behind-the-scenes extras!


Be apart of a grass roots project, that is set to be something wonderful, and as said by Lu Corfield: "We owe it to every generation of our LGBT+ community to tell their story, just as we want future generations to tell ours; and if you help to back Wings, you are helping to make sure those stories are always told."


Support the Kickstarter here. You may also follow the process on Twitter @findyourwings18 and Instagram @wings_thefilm



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