Fancy an exclusive look at the trailer for new Ellen Page zombie flick The Cured?

You got it, babes.



Love zombies? Love Ellen Page? Then you’ll love David Freyne’s gory new flick, The Cured.


After years of a zombie plague that has ravaged Europe, humanity grapples with how to reintegrate former zombies into society.


Described as “absolutely captivating”, “irresistible” and “ingenious”, The Cured is a fresh take on the zombie genre and creepy as hell, whilst also offering a social commentary on what it means to be other – a feeling familiar to many LGBTQ people.



So if you like being scared out of your skin, make sure to see The Cured when it hits cinemas. We’ll be there, hiding behind our hands.


The Cured hits cinemas in Ireland on 20 April and is coming to the UK in May.


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