Have you seen the new Maltesers advert?

New ad from Look On The Light Side campaign includes lighthearted look at lesbian dating 🍫




Have you seen the newest advert from chocolate bigwigs, Maltesers?


It might only be 30 seconds long, but the ad - which revolves around a light-hearted chat between friends about dating - features a main character who just happens to be a lesbian (and a vegetarian, 'course).



"I think I’ve worked out why I’m finding this dating thing really tough," says Sarah at the beginning of the ad.


Grabbing a Malteaser, she looks at her friends and says: "This is me: ‘Hi, I’m Sarah, please date me.’


“Almost like I’m being discriminated against or something.”



Her friends look at each other and then back at Sarah and - lovingly poking fun - ask her:


"Is it because you're a lesbian?"


"No..." Sarah replies, rolling her eyes playfully.



"Is it because you're a vegetarian?" 


"No..." she says flatly.


"What is it then..?" 


Watch the video above to find out (...we couldn't ruin the punchline for you, could we?)


After oven chip brand McCain’s released an advert featuring a real life lesbian couple earlier this year - triggering both online abuse and complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority - it’s GOOD to see this hasn’t stopped other big brands from diversifying their content.



As our deputy ed Roxy wrote about the McCains ad back in February, "Popping up in telly ads is a simple but stealth way for our relationships and identities to become more normalised, hopefully leading to greater acceptance for all kinds of people and families". Agreed.


Keep it up, Maltesers. 



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