Must watch: The Dark Mile

The acclaimed new psychological thriller where the two lead characters happen to be lesbians.


The Dark Mile


The Dark Mile is a gripping new psychological horror-thriller currently making waves on the film fest circuit. Boasting a stellar cast, it’s already been selected for Best Of The Fest at the prestigious Edinburgh Film Festival.


So what's it all about? When London couple Louise and Clare go on a trip to the Highlands to overcome a personal tragedy, their restorative minibreak takes a sinister turn. The further they delve into the wild, the more hellish their ordeal becomes.


In the words of director Gary Love:


“It’s a film about pain and loss and the tentative joy that can follow when one is presented with a second chance. It’s also about how quickly in the hands of others it can all be snatched away.”



While the two main characters are in a same-sex relationship, that’s not the film’s main focus. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good coming out yarn as much as the next Ellen Degeneres superfan, but we also want to see wider stories told onscreen and The Dark Mile does just that.


Gary revealed:


“The central characters are in a lesbian relationship, but it’s absolutely not central to the plot. They just happen to be two gay girls looking for rest and recuperation on the back of a deeply emotional trauma… all is revealed and more throughout the film!”


Check out the trailer and you’ll understand why, as bonafide thriller junkies, we can’t wait to see this.



You can catch The Dark Mile at 8.30pm this Friday 4 August at Dublin’s Gaze LGBT Film Festival. More info and tickets are available at

It’s also scheduled for October’s Raindance festival. Head to for more info.



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