Ourfaz Zinali: "Coming out as a feminist, femme lesbian is very powerful"

The online influencer talks femme visibility, body positivity and the trick to taking the perfect selfie



Scrolling through Instagram, searching for #OutfitInspo and the meaning of life, I stumble upon Ourfa Zinali, a fiercely beautiful bombshell with close to one million fans, who seems to know the secrets to impeccable brows and body confidence. Just as my thumb is hovering over “follow”, certain that I need a daily dose of Ourfa in my life, I notice the little rainbow emoji in her bio. Not only is this immaculately made-up Insta-angel my new fountain of contouring wisdom, she’s queer too!


DIVA: I adore your Instagram feed because it’s so special and rare to see a glamorous, curvy, femme I can identify with.

OURFA ZINALI: Thank you for your love and support. It means a lot to me.


What you’re doing means a lot to me and so many women. What do you think about the current representation of femmes?

I definitely don’t see as many femmes being loud and proud about being gay, versus the ones who are more tomboy or butch. People just assume because I’m femme, I’m automatically gonna be with a man, and it’s really frustrating. Coming out as a feminist and a femme lesbian is a great combination and it’s very powerful.




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