Rachel Paulson: "It’s The View with a bit of a twist - alcohol"

DIVA meets the host of the hit online show where guests get tipsy and talkative



Drink Responsibly is the brainchild of host Rachel Paulson (out since she was 20) and director Jaz Moore (raised by two butch lesbians). The premise of this YouTube talk show is simple. Loosen the guest’s inhibitions, not to mention lips, by getting them steaming drunk. The result is hilarious and highly watchable programme in which celebs reveal all those secrets they wouldn’t normally spill.


You can watch past episodes here: youtube.com/channel/UCEVrr4XFXNHaLlXMbfA8SwA


Now grab your favourite tipple and enjoy our interview with the woman with the keys to the liquor cabinet, Rachel Paulson.


DIVA: We’re going to the bar. What would you like to drink?

RACHEL PAULSON: It's way too normal. I just like a tequila on the rocks with lime juice. I just recently changed it up from a vodka soda with olive juice. I think I make so many drinks… that I keep them simple when I drink them. 


Tell us about the show.

Drink Responsibly is a hilarious online drinking talk show starring me, Rachel Paulson (Heartland), and produced/directed by Jaz Moore (EastSiders). A menagerie of surprise celebrities have already signed on to guest host. It’s a show that celebrates the LGBTQ community and all our allies. It’s The View with a bit of a twist— alcohol. Games are played, inhibitions are lowered, and people will get outright funny. At the top of the episode, I make a cocktail, and teach the guest the recipe. Then we sit down and drink all the cocktails we made, and interview one another, answer fans questions and play games with one another. 


Who was your favourite interviewee? 

I like them all for different reasons, but I think so far my favorite guest was Whitney Mixter. I unveiled a secret she didn’t know about our past, It was hilarious. 


Have you ever woken up the day after an interview with a raging hangover and forgot that it happened? 

Every time we shoot the show I get a raging hangover. The first two episodes we drank a bottle of liquor, a full bottle. It was rough. Usually Jaz, our co-creator and director, keeps us hydrated, fed and as sober as we can be.  During the show with Lauren Russell, I blacked out and woke up the next morning not knowing what had happened! I had to watch the show to remember some of the moments. It’s just a reminder to always stay hydrated, haha. 


What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you under the influence?

I’m going to do two, one from the show, and one from life. When I was younger, my best friend and I went through a McDonalds drive-through on foot. We pretended we were in a car, like I was fake driving and she was my passenger. They were not amused. On the show, I think it was the time Lauren said “emoji” she was so drunk she couldn’t pronounce the word, we still laugh about that to this day. We were playing a game and she just screamed the word “emoji” it made no sense, and she mispronounced it. It was too funny. 


Best hangover cure?

It's weird, but it works.  Cucumber, mint, cayenne paper, lemon juice… muddle ice and shake. Then top with ginger beer. Bartender's secret! 


What’s been the most inappropriate question you’ve asked a guest while drunk?

I asked one of the guests if they wanted to make out once, but it didn’t make it on the show, hahaha. Thank god for Jaz! 


Who is your dream guest?

I think it would be Anna Kendrick. We had a moment a while back while I was doing this play, and she is SO funny, I would love to get her a little tipsy and ask her some questions. 


What kind of drunk are you?

I think it depends on the day, but most of the time, I’m a happy/funny/loud drunk. I don’t usually do anything but make jokes and want to dance! 


What are your other talents, apart from drunk interviewing? 

I’m a writer and an actress. I’ve got some stuff coming out soon! You’ll see more, I promise. :) 


Where can DIVA readers keep up with your shenanigans? 

You can follow me on Instagram: @rupaulson, Twitter: @rarapaulson, or you can watch the show its on YouTube under Drink Responsibly With Rachel Paulson. 


You can also get help Rachel and Jaz make future awesome seasons by joining their IndieGogo fundraising campaign: indiegogo.com/projects/new-season-of-drink-responsibly-funny-women#/




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