“There wasn’t enough genuine LGBT content out there, so we made our own”

The team behind LA Web Series open up about their journey and their next big adventure



LA Web Series came about because Alexandra (writer and creator) felt that there was a lack of genuine LGBT content out there, content that she enjoyed watching and could relate to. Not only is there not enough content out there, but with what little there is, we don't feel is necessarily authentic.


The story revolves around two strangers from different walks of life who happen to meet and start their own journey together; exploring their pasts, creating present memories, and contemplating their future intent. But, time and distance are against them.



LA Web Series focuses on love between two people rather than exploiting sexuality. It veers away from the stereotypes that a lot of media portrays. We hope to do our little bit to help de-stigmatize the word 'lesbian' and most importantly show that love is love and can happen when you least expect it.  We strive to provide people with the feeling of belonging and a sense of hope.


Making the first season was a big challenge due to coming up short with our fundraising goal as people didn’t know what to expect from us. It is an independent project, so the two of us dealt with many elements from publicity to production to editing and everything in between. It was definitely a learning curve and we both feel a lot more versed in varying aspects of film now, going into season 2.



Season 1 had a small cast and crew, just 4 of us in total, all women. Our talented DP, Ona Isart, is from Spain, our sound mixer is from Mexico, Emma Maddock who plays Landon is from England and Alexandra Swarens is from California. We all came together to make a genuine, heartfelt story come to life.


In the second season, Landon and Avery meet up several years later and we get to see if there is still a connection between them or if everything has changed. We delve deeper in to their personal lives without each other and how that has affected the people they’ve become today. We truly get to see them interacting with each other in a new way. Season 1 took place over the duration of just one night. This time, they will have longer together, exploring locations with personal attachments, meeting people important to Avery and doing the little things that a lot of people take for granted. There will be more conflict and complications as jealousy, love and regrets surface.



We would really appreciate any help with our fund raiser for season 2. We would like to have a bigger crew so that we can focus on the acting. There will be some new cast members and we want to pay everyone involved fairly as a lot of time, effort and talent goes into this passion project of ours.


You can find our IndieGoGo campaign here: indiegogo.com/projects/la-web-series-season-2-love-lgbt/x/15038597#/


And you can watch the first episode here and the rest of the first series on YouTube:




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