Vida: The new Latinx series we love

Ser Anzoategui and Mishel Prada, stars of queer Latinx series, Vida, chat marginalised communities, normalising queer stories onscreen and giving dominant culture the middle finger


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SER ANZOATEGUI – EDDY: “I  thought  to  myself, ‘We’re doing a brown, queer show – maybe reviewers won’t get it,’” Ser Anzoategui tells me. “The plot, those important character journeys... maybe they’d be lost on white, male critics? So it was even more exciting when we found just how positive they were. The response from the press alone was like, ‘Pinch  me! Is this for real?!’”


It’s true that since this series about a largely queer female and non-binary focused Latinx community in Eastside Los Angeles was released, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, scoring a whopping 100% on ratings website Rotten Tomatoes. “Yes ok, I know how important this show is, but when a larger audience that includes non-Latinx people and non-brown people are so excited by it, I think, ‘What? Wait a minute!’”


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