Guinevere Turner Stars In Different For Girls

“I always said that Different for Girls would come back bigger and better and it surely has.”


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It’s time for another exciting cast announcement from the team behind Different For Girls, the web series about the lives and betrayals of a group of queer women living in London. Joining Rachel Shelley and many other talented actors is bonafide lesbian icon Guinevere Turner.


You might know Guinevere from groundbreaking sapphic cinema staple, Go Fish, which she co-wrote, co-produced and starred in. She also played Alice’s odious on-off girlfriend, Gabby, in the L Word, as well as writing for the show.


Guinevere’s thrilled to join the DFG cast:


"It's very exciting to be to be a part of Different for Girls. I'm a fan of stories where lesbians are just living their lives like everyone else - working, cheating, being parents and lovers. You know, like people do. I am also completely delighted to be working with brilliant director Campbell X!"


She will be playing Jude, a sassy American journalist who works for DIVA (!) and isn’t happy about her lover Gemma being engaged to a gay man.


Author of the original novel (which you can grab a copy of here) and web series writer, Jacquie Lawrence is overjoyed:


"Being able to cast Guinevere in such a pivotal role has made up for disappointment felt when we had to pause production due to a funding deficit caused by Brexit. I always said that Different for Girls would come back bigger and better and it surely has. Guinevere joins a wonderful cast and crew. None of this would have been possible without the support of the lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community, who kept the faith.”

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