18 Queerest moments of 2018

#20GAYTEEN, amirite?



In hindsight, Hayley Kiyoko (better known by her fanbase as Lesbian Jesus) renaming 2018 to #20GAYTEEN should’ve been all the foreshadowing we needed, but I don’t think any of us could’ve foreseen 2018 to be this gay. A very welcome (and much needed) surprise, and in no particular running order, here’s our favourite queer moments of #20GAYTEEN.


1. Ellen Page’s incredibly cute newlywed Instagram post.



And so, #20GAYTEEN began.


2. When Kehlani and Demi Lovato kissed on stage



We’ll never forget either, Demi.

3. This lucky Hayley Kiyoko fan that made us all want to be her



Seriously, how much is that ticket? Cause we’ll buy it.


4. Kehlani reminding people queer women can have babies too.



Imagine? Imagine!? Keep glowing, mama.


5. Kristen Stewart getting cast for a queer holiday rom-com



Could we be any happier? Not until we see it!


6. Janelle Monae’s vagina pants



I mean, need we say more?


7. Chloe Moretz kissing (dating?) Playboy model Kate Harrison



After years of on-and-offing it with Beckham, we love to see that smile on her face. Go you, Chlo.


8. Ariela Barer coming out as queer on Twitter



Alright, alright, we know this one’s a late Christmas present from last year, but still!


9. Alyson Stoner coming out as bisexual on TeenVogue



I had a crush on her when she was on Camp Rock. Hit me up, boo.


10. The Favourite



Does Rachel Weisz know how happy she made us this year? Does she? Catch an exclusive interview of the next issue of DIVA.


11. #DIVAMusicFest18



How could we not?


12. The Bi Life



We were gifted a plethora of media representation this year. Let the abundance carry onto 2019.


13. India legalising same-sex marriage



Look at us queers, thriving world wide.


14. The Bisexual



20-BI-teen, anyone?


15. Rose and Rosie in their underwear on the cover of DIVA



Shameless self promotion? Maybe. Should you totally get this issue? Definitely.


16. Lena Waithe on the cover of Vanity Fair



Black gay women rock too.


17. Lena Waithe producing queer show for HBO

Yes, Lena Waithe again. There’s always room for more Lena Waithe.


18. King Princess featuring a sex doll in her video



In a tender kind of way, not a PornHub kind of way.


There you have it folks, a DIVA roundup of (only some) of our favourite queer moments from #20GAYTEEN. Let us know what yours were, and get ready for what queer Twitter has already labeled #20BIteen.



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