Androgyny, girl parties and the new must-see sapphic series on Netflix

Cyndey Yeates reveals what she's been thinking this week




1. People still have a serious problem with androgyny and lesbian stereotypes. I’m aware this isn’t groundbreaking, hold-the-front-page kinda news. Nevertheless, it struck a chord when I came super close to shaving my hair off after a night out at the weekend. “Thank God you didn’t do that,” one friend remarked. “I don’t want you to lose your long hair. You’d look so butch.” Another told me: “Wow, you’re really are trying to become the lesbian stereotype.” Who knew trying to take the plunge from the femme pool would be met with such adversity? I think everyone and myself ought to take a moment and listen to Rain Dove: “You can be exactly who you want to be and there are people out there who will still love you.”


2. I was conned into a gay night out on Saturday by a friend, under the false pretence that there would be plenty of single girls patiently awaiting my entrance onto the dance floor. Obviously, I was wrong and my gullible ways had defeated me once more. There were enough queens to make even RuPaul sweat, but there was literally not a single woman in sight. This brings me onto my second point of the week. There aren’t enough spaces for lesbians and bi women. Seriously, where are they? I also want club nights for queer women, where there’s no fear of being denied entry for not looking “gay enough”. Yes, I’ve been to nights where bouncers have suggested I’d come to the wrong place. “You are aware you’ve come to a gay club, right?” they’ve asked. No Terry, I had no idea. It’s only taken me two tubes and an overground to find this decrepit beacon; these are my people, please let me in.


3. Last week, Netflix launched coming-of-age series Everything Sucks. I was urged to watch it by a friend who’d tracked down that it championed a female lead with a heart-wrenching lesbian storyline. Yes, the show was full of pre-pubescent teens and yes it was probably made for viewers still in school, but that didn’t stop me from devouring the whole thing in less than 24 hours. Oops. Thank god I’ve got minions on the hunt for lezzy shows for me. This recommendation seriously saved me from my never-ending cycle of re-watching all Naomi and Emily’s Skins scenes, Black Mirror’s San Junipero, and Easy’s Vegan Cinderella then complaining there’s not enough female queers TV series. By the way, there still isn’t enough. And I know beggars can’t be choosers, so I welcomed Everything Sucks with open arms.



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