DIVA's top tips for surviving festive limbo ❄️

Am I meant to be at work? Is it a weekend? Can I still drink Baileys? Danielle Mustarde has some top tips for making the most of the inbetweeny bit



December 27-30 is an odd time, amiright? 


The excitement of Christmas peaked by your fifth Yorkshire Pudding, (cue debate on whether you have Yorkshire puds at Christmas) and as many of us have been drinking solidly for the last week, no one knows what day it is or what they're meant to be doing.


Well, in a bid to help you through the post-Christmas, pre-New Year confusion, we came up with a few limbo-tastic activities to keep everyone going until New Year's Eve... 


For those spending festive limbo with family


1. Need a break from [insert relevant family member here]? Binge watch a new series!


netflix GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals


Okay, this might not seem like something revolutionary, but when else can you sit around in your pyjamas eating Quality Street and drinking Bucks Fizz while binge watching Netflix without feeling guilty? It's practically celebrated at this time of the year, people.


Revisit OITNB for old time's sake? Or how about Queer Eye? You, Me, Her? Dumplin? (One for the drag king fans...) Failing that, check out all of the lez/bi films that came out in 2018. (Read the January issue of DIVA magazine for more)



2. Do your family tree/bush/shrub 


animation christmas GIF by Laisay Bond


It might not sound like the most thrilling of tasks, but hey, if you are stuck in a house with your family and you can barely name your cousin's wife – take advantage of those brains around you.


Learning about your heritage and the lives of your grandparents and great grandparents, if you can, can be incredibly interesting (...or so, so, so scandalous – fingers crossed, eh?) 



3. Dig out your old stuff and have a laugh at how ridiculous you were as a baby queer


Stranger Things season 1 stranger things eyebrow raise oh really GIF


There's nothing quite like the sweet, cringe-worthy joy of digging out your old stuff – the type that's buried deep in the cupboards of your family's homes and hidden far, far away from the normal people in your life you now call friends. If only they knew. 


Pulling out that love letter from your first best friend-cum-crush-cum-awkward-snog in the school toilets at the Christmas disco. Just me? Oh, and try and fight the urge to run out to the garden and set fire to the entire collection 🔥🔥🔥



For those spending festive limbo sans-relatives


1. Have a DIY spa day at home


the simpsons swag GIF


This is the perfect time to spend giving yourself a little l-o-v-e. If you wound up with a lifetime's supply of fancy, mini toiletries post-Christmas – use 'em.


If you didn't, hit the shops (now that the Boxing Day crowds have disappeared, wide screen televisions under arms...) Get yourself some reduced swag and give yourself a DIY spa day at home. Run a fancy bath: bubbles, that Yankee candle you got from your girlfriend's gran, some left over fizz. And after? A face mask! Moisturise! Paint those nails! Shampoo that gorgeous armpit hair!


And then refer to number 1 on the "with family" section of this list. You're welcome, one and all.



2. Get organised – in a non-stationary heavy sense


clean up GIF


Once you've given yourself a little well-deserved TLC, why not give your humble abode the same? (Yes, this is just a fancy way of asking you to tidy your room...)


Seriously though, you can wear your pyjamas, have a mimosa (alcohol optional) and play your favourite music as loud as you like. There are literally no rules* during festive limbo time.


This can then be put down as a) being productive, b) exercise, and c) your home is now New Year's ready – whether you're hosting or just want a clean and tidy nest to recover in on New Year's Day. It's a win-win situation.


*There may still be rules.


3. And finally, get ready for New Year's Eve 


new year GIF by Animation Domination High-Def

☝🏽​We realise this says 2014 but how could we not use Miley Cyrus riding a disco ball into the New Year?


That's right, now you've completed all of the above (which we're sure you have) it's time for New Year's Eve! Whether that means a cosy night in on your own watching festive re-runs, dinner with bae or a wild night out with the pals. However you choose to spend New Year's, make sure you're doing what you want to do – there's no right way to sashay 2018 away. 


From all at #TeamDIVA, have a safe and fabulous New Year! 



Only reading DIVA online? You're missing out. For more news, reviews and commentary, check out the latest issue. It's pretty badass, if we do say so ourselves.


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