Mission: surviving the January sales

With Christmas behind us, it’s time to arm yourself for the sales




Shopping after Christmas is always one BIG rush. The number of shoppers rises considerably, the changing room queues resemble the line for a Tegan and Sara concert, and the sale bargain box looks like a fancy-dress lucky dip.  I reveal some of my pet hates and top tips to highlight both the horror and the brilliance that comes with the January sales. Let the mission commence.


Oh joy! The sale rack…

Filing through endless, and disorganised sale racks to find that one size top that fits you becomes a challenge in itself, and then finally finding that perfect white low V-neck top you've always wanted, only to realise it is not in the sale at all and has been moved there to tease you is just plain rude. Though, the moment I'm sure we are all aware of is when the woman beside you is catching up quickly to your spot on the rail. Do you stand your ground and let her pass, or hurry away and move to the calmer and quieter shoe section? These are small but stressful decisions that we all have to make when other shoppers become our enemy and the high street resembles a battlefield. 


Greater bargains

The increase in online shopping has greatly affected the high street names. This is good news for us as it means that in the sales, and stores are slashing their prices by a long way. Ah, the beautiful red circle sale HMV sticker that brings joy to our lives when we see it on the L Word box-set. 


50% off! Look again

Have you ever gone into a shop because the store's window had a huge, bright, and glittering 50% sign calling you to come inside? I have, many a time, only to find that I missed reading the teeny tiny small print below that slyly said "Up to". Hmm H&M, I think you and I are going through some communication issues; let's take a break.


It's all about you!

No more thinking about what you need to get for your eccentric mother, and no more should-I-buy-this-necklace-for-my-girlfriend-we've-only-been-going-out-two-months panic, the January sales are there for you. Plus, we all know you have that one voucher to spend this Christmas, right? Go on, treat yourself to that moustache mug you've always wanted, or buy some sexy Republic headphones. Then, when you're sitting at home, drinking tea out of your new favourite mug and looking at everything you've purchased once over, you can listen to James Brown blast out I Feel Good, because we all know you feel good about conquering those crazy January sales. Mission complete.



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