OPINION: Why I want queer contestants on Love Island

Roxy Bourdillon thinks LGBT people should be included in the smash hit reality show




This week, two very different news stories have done the rounds, both regarding the most important TV series of last year. Don’t be a mug, I’m not talking about The Handmaid’s Tale or that mega #awks leadership debate. I am, of course, referring to Love Island, the undeniably shallow but oh so addictive reality series about genetically blessed people flirting outrageously while modelling swimwear.


“Love Island 2018 to cast LGBT singletons in the new series!” declared Buzz. Hurrah! declared I, and thousands of other queer folk.



Our jubilation lasted less time than Johnny and Camilla’s ill-advised romance.


“Straights ONLY rule for Love Island as show bosses BAN gays,” proclaimed the Daily Star. Alright guys, no need for such aggressive use of capslock. We get it. We’re not invited to your heterosexual pool party.


But seriously, and I’m looking at you ITV bosses, quit playing games with our trashy-TV-loving hearts. One second out people are in, the next we’re out again. It’s like the hokey cokey but with our emotions. I have enough to deal with navigating the world as a lesbian in high heels, and now I’m being breadcrumbed by a bunch of bigwigs!


Anyway, why can’t the most popular show on the box include us? We’d spice the game up no end. For Flack’s sake, Love Island’s done it before. Who could forget the heart-wrenching blink-and-you’ll-miss-it love story between Katie Salmon and Sophie Gradon?



You only need to watch five minutes of the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother to see that LGBT contestants can bring the drama (whatever you think about India Willoughby, you can’t deny she keeps things interesting), not to mention laughter (Amanda Barrie, you’re utterly hilarious).


So how about Love Island adds some gorgeous gay and bodacious bi people into the mix (you know, like we’re in the mix in real life) and lets sapphic sparks fly in the sunshine? I want to see queer fuckgirls sticking it on each other, having all the bantz and mugging one another off left, right and in the villa. Queer women can be melts too, dammit. We make wonderful melts. Never mind dick sand, 2018 Love Island should be all about the clit sand.


And now I come to think of it, how about they diversify the body types on display while they're at it? Getting blathered, snogging relative strangers and having a cheeky fumble under the bedsheets is something we can all enjoy, whatever size or sexuality we are.





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