Syd Tha Kyd, #Berena and casual homophobia

Three things Cydney Yeates learned this week




1. Let’s just take a minute (or an hour, day, week, etc) to appreciate Syd from The Internet. She’s a talented, gorgeous, androgynous soul queen, who you all need to know about. If you’re somehow clueless, get onto YouTube, have a Google search, listen to her interviews and her music – thank me later. She’s the shit and it’s not just because we pretty much share each other’s first name that I say this. The world recognises it and soon you will too. I only discovered her a few months ago at Lovebox. Aside from being head-over-heels in love with Steve Lacy’s trousers, I was completely captivated by Syd: her energy, the way she moved around on stage and how she interacted with the crowd. Fast-forward two months and I’m sat here in bed, snuggled up underneath my duvet, wishing I’d treated myself to flights to LA and tickets to this year’s Camp Flog Gnaw to see her (and The Internet) in action. God damn it. Alexa, play Fin – on repeat.


2. There needs to be more lesbian representation on telly, I know, it’s all I ever talk about. However, I’ve never really taken a step back to really appreciate Bernie Wolfe and Serena Campbell’s relationship on Holby City. Berena, as they’re nicknamed by fans, have had such a major impact on the older members of the community and late-life lesbians. Only a quick glance at their hashtag on Twitter will show you the gravitas of their being: audiences talking and leaning on each other, and sharing their experiences. Berena are opening up conversation. Not to mention that they’re a symbol of hope in a somewhat bleak hospital setting. All that we can wish for now is Bernie comes back to Serena and isn’t killed off offscreen...


3. “Oh, I hope I didn’t turn her” is just one of many throwaway comments that really grinds my goat, and whoever is so careless to utter it, is stupid. Sexuality is a complicated minefield and for someone to believe that they have the power to flip someone’s sexuality like flicking on a light switch is, quite frankly, insulting. Sexuality is deeply rooted and that comment diminishes our journey to coming out to just one experience. And an experience that almost definitely had nothing to do with us later understanding and embracing ourselves. Let’s face it, the people who do use that phrase most likely only let it escape their mouths because deep down they’re embarrassed by the fact someone they once shagged is now having better sex with a different gender.




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