Three things I learned this week - equal marriage, all-female Big Brother and queer royals

Cydney Yeates reveals what she's been thinking this week




1.  Yesterday we all woke up to the joyous news that Australia has finally legalised same sex marriage, making it the 26th country in the world to do so. An overwhelmingly large majority voted in favour of the bill with just four votes against it. Go Oz! So far this year, countries including Finland, Bermuda, Malta and Germany have all come to their senses. But although this is a damn right cause for celebration, I can’t help but feel sad that it’s taken all this time for governments to recognise we should be equal in the eyes of the law to our straight pals. There should never have been an exclusive club... someone pass me all the wine before I rant on for all eternity.


 2.  While Kezia Dugdale’s I’m A Celeb debut wasn’t quite the success story we all wanted, there could hope for us yet. This week, Channel 5 announced that the upcoming series of Celebrity Big Brother is set to have an all female house. This impressive move has been made in celebration of the 100 years anniversary since women got the vote. But there’s one tiny but pretty monumental clinch... male housemates will join them later. And together, they’ll to go head-to-head in the ultimate battle of the sexes. You nearly had us, Channel 5!


3.  I read an article in the Guardian just the other day that slammed the idea of a gay royal wouldn’t end LGBT bigotry.  On most parts, I agree with the author as realistically, I don’t believe that homophobia would ever be completely eradicated. Just like racism and sexism. Why? Because we’re not all living in my dream world, and sadly social attitudes just haven’t evolved. And with people like Katie Hopkins still kicking about, I think we’re going to be a while off yet. But, I do think that having a lesbian or bi queen or a gay king would aid in the gradual shift of social change. It’s all about taking baby steps, right? And if we didn’t, we'd never bloody know.



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