When Wegan Did Diva #1

Former cover stars Whitney and Megan talk about their top secret project in the first of four weekly guest vlogs for DIVA.



Wegan here! We are Whitney and Megan, a femme lesbian couple also known as Wegan. Yes, yes - a mash up of our names. We're YouTubers and bloggers who are also happily living as wife and wife. We're also former DIVA cover stars and we're honoured to be guest vlogging for them over the next four weeks.


Do you ever find it annoying when someone tells you that they have a secret, and then they won't tell you what it is? Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that's us right now! 


We're working on a super secret project and we wanted to let you in on the secret. Just a little bit. We can't say too much yet but it's in response to something we know our followers and lots of lesbian and bi women want and we hope we can successfully provide it!


Watch the video below to get a better insight into our top secret project and follow us over the next few weeks as we lead up to the launch. 


In other news - we also discuss the impact of conquering long distance and consequently hating any time spent apart, and pose a question for those who have survived long distance. Watch the video and comment to let us know. 


P.S. the bloopers are the best bit. #wifelife




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