When Wegan did DIVA #3

Whitney and Megan’s top secret project is finally revealed in the penultimate guest vlog for DIVA.


Matt Payne


In this vlog, we discuss the problems we have both experienced as feminine lesbians (femmes) in finding love and finally reveal our top secret project.


From suffering from a lack of gaydar to the assumption that we're straight, it's been tough at times. But we're lucky. We managed to find one another - literally across the world - between Hawaii and the UK. Thank goodness for Myspace!


And after months of working on our secret project, we're finally ready to reveal what it is! But you'll have to watch the vlog to find out…


The full website will be launched on 7 August 2015, and we're really excited about it. We hope you are too! 


Tune in next week for our final vlog when we'll talk in more detail about it. Please do comment with any questions you may have. 




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