New short film shines a light on online bullying

Trans activist, actor and writer Jake Graf pulls no punches in his latest short, Bully




Featuring YouTuber Riyhad Khalaf, TV presenter Sade Giliberti, and singer-songwriter Jaimie Wilson, Graf’s hard-hitting short highlights the effects of cyber-bullying by taking real life cases of online bullying.



Speaking to HuffPost UK, Graf said, “Even after my recent wedding, my wife Hannah and I were trolled by people saying we shouldn’t be allowed to marry, that we were just freaks, that we were both mentally ill.


"This was all after the happiest day of our lives.”


To the bullies, he said: “Maybe just take a moment to consider how you would feel if someone said them to you, and write something kind instead.”


The statistics behind the film show just how much of an issue online bullying is for the LGBTQ+ community: 


🔹 42 percent of LGBTQ+ youth have experienced online bullying

🔹33% have experienced online sexual harassment – four times higher then their straight counterparts

🔹And LGBTQ+ they are twice as likely to attempt suicide.


If you've been affected by this article visit for help, or you can call them directly on 0300 330 0630, from 10am-10pm every day



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