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Five reasons we are looking forward to Wentworth Prison

The Aussie drama premieres on Channel 5 on August 28

Thu, 15 Aug 2013 15:27:00 GMT | Updated 3 years today

As mentioned on DIVA magazine's TV page a few issues ago, we're really looking forward to "edgy, sexy" Aussie prison drama Wentworth Prison which is set to air here later this month. Here are five reasons why you should be too.


1. Because bingeing on the first season of US show Orange is the New Black on Netflix has whetted our appetite for drama set behind bars. But we've watched all the episodes of OITNB now, twice, and we're ready for more. (NB. OITNB fans might like to check out our September issue for Lip Service creator Harriet Braun's take on the show).


2. Because Wentworth Prison has a great new lesbian icon in-the-making (we think) in Franky, a tough lesbian character played by Nicole de Silva (pictured).We're so sure you'll like Franky, we're putting her on our October issue cover (out 19 September)


3. Because it's a show about women. You may have read Rebecca Nicholson's piece about Breaking Bad on the Guardian yesterday in which she wrote that in her opinion that show would never join TV's "holy trinity" (with The Sopranos and The Wire) as it lacks believeable female characters. We're predicting Wentworth Prison will have a few strong female characters to help make up the shortfall.


4. Because of the Australian accents. Aussie accents are few and far between on UK TV these days, and many of us think they're rather sexy. It'll make a change at the very least, and should make some of the Australian viewers here in the UK feel a pleasant twinge of homesickness.


5. Because we loved Prisoner: Cell Block H. Wentworth Prison is set in the same prison, but in the modern day, so fans of the original series will doubtless want to check out this reboot. We. Can't. Wait.



Wentworth Prison's first episode will air on Channel 5 on Wednesday 28th August at 10pm.

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