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Interview: The Year Of Making Love’s Alex Cefai

BBC3’s bisexual babe tells all about trying to find her princess

VS Wells

Thu, 21 Feb 2013 11:28:27 GMT | Updated 3 years today

On Monday, The Year Of Making Love aired its third episode, featuring the adorable pairing of Tash and Alex. The girls were matched through a scientific compatibility test, and it was obvious from their very first date that there was something special between them. From bowling in Manchester to camping in Scotland, we thought these girls would go everywhere together.


Sadly, their relationship ended when Tash decided to move back to Australia, but DIVA caught up with Chester's own Alex Cefai to have a natter…


DIVA: What drove your decision to be on The Year Of Making Love - were you worried about opening up about something very private on national television? 


Alex Cefai: I have had such a bad time in relationships; I kept meeting the wrong people who treated me badly, and I was making all the effort! So I applied for the show to see if science could help me on my quest to find my princess...

Do you think being bisexual has ever caused you to get any backlash, from the straight or gay communities?


People have always been very accepting of my sexuality, but when I came out the closet my parents didn't take it very well at all. It was a very difficult time for me - and I struggled for a long time to be myself - but now they have got used to the idea things are a lot better. 

Do you still live in Chester? Is there much of a queer "scene"?


I now live just outside Chester with my best mate from school, but I hope to move back to lovely Chester as soon as I can. I'm very much a city girl and the sleepy village I'm in now is not where I want to be!


There is a fantastic LGBT night called Gender Blender at Rosie's nightclub in Chester. It's on Tuesday nights and I always have a great time. We did actually film [for The Year Of Making Love] in there, but unfortunately in the edit it got cut.


Reality television is often accused of being edited creatively. Do you feel like your relationship with Tash was faithfully represented on the show?


I think the final edit was very good, apart from on Twitter where poor Tash has been getting a lot of bad comments. She's a lovely girl, and we had a fantastic relationship, but she didn't come across well on the show! 

You mention on your Twitter page being an actress and DJ - can you tell us a bit about what you've done and what you've got coming up? Do you think being on TYOML has raised your profile?


I have had a fantastic response after my episode aired and I am very grateful for all the kind comments. A few girls have messaged me to say I inspire them and that means so much to me. I have been DJing for many years now, I absolutely love it and I hope to DJ a lot more now as it's my great passion.


As for acting, I have been doing a lot of extra work recently for Skins, and a new film that is out in cinemas in the summer called Hooligan Factory. I was also in Calendar Girls in my hometown, which was fantastic. I have the acting bug now so am hoping to do a lot more. Besides that, I'm now working towards doing some TV presenting as Cherry Healey has inspired me to do so.

Are you and Tash still friends?


Yes, we are still very good friends and we continue to chat on Facebook and Skype. I hope to fly out to Oz at some point for a holiday too, and perhaps brush up on my Aussie accent. During our relationship I tried to speak it many times, but I sounded more Geordie/Irish!


Finally, have you got any tips on what makes a successful first date?


I am probably not the best person to answer this question! I am sooooo awkward on first dates - I say the most random things and often put my foot in it. My tip would have to be Jagerbombs, and lots of them! 


The Year of Making Love is available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

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