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Interview: Jill Jackson

We chat to the singer-songwriter about meeting Blondie, being outed, and the new album

Eden Carter Wood

Wed, 16 Nov 2011 12:12:27 GMT | Updated 5 years today

It's 9.30am in a cozy recording studio in the south Glasgow district of Crosshill, and Paisley-born singer-songwriter Jill Jackson is standing at the mic singing one of her new songs, Over and Done. While she plays, the rest of us relax on the couch with coffee while photographer Kris Kesiak snaps away and two friendly cats wind their way around the room, climbing into bags and shedding hair onto camera lenses. It's hard work, but someone's got to do it.


Recently returned from a tour of the US, Jackson's now back in the studio to record a new album, Getaway Driver. "The title track is about a bank robbery," she explains, "and that song itself is very cool and very commercial sounding. The album's going to be quite stripped back, with some songs having a kinda rootsy, alternative country-ish sound, an Americana vibe. There are a couple of songs that are almost blue-grassy, in a kind of quirky way, and there are others that are more radio-friendly, but still keeping the sound that I really want, a very kind of organic sound. I'm really excited about it."


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