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Review: Heather Peace The Fairytales Tour DVD

We take a wasabi-tinged gander at Heather's Fairytales tour documentary

Eden Carter Wood

Thu, 04 Oct 2012 12:18:18 GMT | Updated 4 years today

As fans of the multi-talented actress and musican will remember, back in May this year Heather Peace put out an album. The name of the album was, is, Fairytales. To support the album's release Heather went on a UK tour, and she took filmmaker Patrick Stutt with her to make a documentary about it. That documentary is now available on DVD, and this is my review of it, written, I'm ashamed to say, while compulsively eating some weird wasabi cracker things from the corner shop which are possibly going to make me ill later. They have a slightly stale tinge to them. And even as I've written that, I'm still eating the bloody things. Stop. Just. Stop. Haven't. Stopped.


The concise, possibly unsurprising truth is that if you are a fan of Heather Peace, you'll enjoy this documentary. There are six tracks on it, including some of Heather's strongest. The tracks are:


Fight For

My Way Only

Thank God For You

Better Than You




These performances are interspersed with behind-the-scenes material, tour bus antics and hysteria, plus footage of Heather's parents and of Heather in what appears to be a laundrette. It's a lot of fun. You also get the Better Than You music video and footage of Heather's Islington Assembly Hall duet with one Alison Moyet, which I think is my favourite bit on the DVD simply for the look of childlike delight on Heather's face. She is clearly absolutely stoked to be performing with the legend that is Alison Moyet and it shows. A great moment. Another bit I enjoyed was the performance of Thank God For You in a bathroom, presumably backstage at a venue. A nice, unique touch.


So, yes. A great DVD for fans. My only complaint would be that there could have been a couple more tracks on there - six isn't many - but you do get some cool bonus material, and it's really well put together, so a minor quibble. Nice work, Team Peace. Keep it up.


You can buy The Fairytales Tour DVD now from DIVAdirect or at Heather's website









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