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Review: Women play jazz at Streatham’s Hideaway

Loo Hobin reveals a hidden treasure for music-lovers in south London

Tue, 27 Nov 2012 14:27:18 GMT | Updated 4 years today

"It's a man's world, but it ain't nothing without women in it!"


Earlier this month, the male-dominated jazz industry celebrated the outstanding contribution of female musicians by highlighting and promoting their talents at a special night at the Hideaway, as part of the annual London Jazz Festival. The line-up for Saturday 10 November 2012 was masterminded by the equal jazz genius of Andrea Vicari and Janette Mason, sharing the role of musical directors, piano and keys. They treated us to a musical confetti of arrangements, fine-tuned to satisfy the appetites of the most discerning jazz connoisseur and the lay ear.


I often find that the saxophone is the diva of the brass, it demands our attention, and on this night the puffed-out cheeks of Yolanda Brown proved the point. The appreciative crowd, most notably on the number Urban Chant, applauded her symbiotic relationship with her instrument. Working tirelessly and largely out of sight was the darling of the drums, Sophie Alloway, who made an impression early on in the opening number, New York Cab Ride, composed by Janette Mason, which also featured the understated but talented Laura Jurd, on trumpet. Other notable solos came from Annie Whitehead on trombone and Julie Walkington on bass, getting their chance to flex their musical muscle during Sleeping Bee and You don't Know What Love Is, respectively. On vocals was the world-class talent Natalie Williams. With a voice of crystal clarity, her generosity as a performer complemented her all-female band and completed this first-class line up!


If you haven't visited the Hideaway in Streatham, I implore you to explore. If you like your music live, your food fresh, your coffee frothy and your service friendly, it's the place to be. The ambiance has been creatively crafted to induce you to unwind and make full use of your leisure time. One of London's hidden gems, it's the reason to press "record" on your TV and support live entertainment! Easily accessible, close to Streatham rail station and a host of bus services, it even boasts parking facilities.

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