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The Best Lez/Bi Events of 2015

With 2015 upon us, DIVA looks forward to the best of the year ahead

Ella Braidwood

Thu, 18 Dec 2014 11:49:23 GMT | Updated 2 years today

With 2015 upon us, DIVA looks forward to the best of the year ahead. From LGBT film festivals to good old Pride parades, here's the low-down. Happy New Year! 



1. Queer Contact

The first of the queer arts festivals this year, featuring a range of LBT artists and speakers including DIVA's Jane Czyzselska and guests talking about queer female desire!

5-15 February


2. National Student Pride

One for the young 'uns. The event took place in London last year and featured a film screening at Channel 4, an opening party at Heaven and (our favourite) a Great Student Bake Off. So be sure attend this bonanza alongside all the other LGBT students - it's awesome! 

27 Feb-1 March


3. BFI Flare (London LGBT Film Festival)

Organised and run by the BFI the festival is a showcase of the finest LGBT films from areound the world.

TBC March


4. Birmingham Pride

Yes, BIRMINGHAM. The city has always taken me by surprise, with so many fun things to do (the NEC is incredible!!!) and a treasure-trove of cultures. So head along to the city's annual Pride event this year and be flamboyant, be ostentatious: be outrageous. 

23-24 May


5. LFest Del Mar

Beautiful La Manga, Spain, is the location of this premium lesbian and bi women's festival. Hot sand, hot sun and hot women.

29-31 May


6. Ola!

Want a lesbian and bi women's festival for 30-somethings that's also family-friendly? Look no further than Ola, a new exciting festival in Spain's Alicante.

TBC June


7. Pride Scotia

Scotland's national LGBT Pride festival takes place annually in Edinburgh and is an excellent opportunity to join together and celebrate all things LGBT!



8. Pride London

Second only in size to the Notting Hill Carnival, Pride London is one of the capital's biggest public events. Join the thousands gathering at the festival's centrepiece celebrations in Trafalgar Square.

TBC July


9. LFest

The fourth year of this brilliant, warm, funny, big-hearted festival for lesbians, bi women, trans women and their friends (and families). DO.NOT. MISS.

17-20 July


10. Brighton Pride

Billed as the UK's biggest pride festival, Brighton Pride is the apple of every LGBT person's eye. Located in the UK's gay capital, the extravaganza is the perfect opportunity to wave those rainbow flags and have a gay old time! 

1-2 August


11. Manchester Pride

The big weekend for any rainbow-loving northerner. For those in Manchester and the surrounding areas the event is the creme de la creme of all the Pride parades and not to be missed! 

28-31 August (dates TBC)


12. Ella International Lesbian Festival

Head down to Mallorca this summer for an exotic carnival of culture, music, art and sports specifically designed for the LGBT woman! There will be loads of sun, loads of sea and… yeah, you get it. 

TBC September


13. Glasgay! Festival

Scotland's annual celebration of LGBT culture presents comedy, music and theatre - an eclectic mix of everything the gay community has to offer. 

TBC October


14. Rainbow Film Festival

An LGBT film festival in Shropshire? SOUNDS AWESOME, HUH? Well it is, so pop along to the fiesta - the event aims to entertain, educate, challenge and change - in some of England's finest countryside.

TBC October


15. Homotopia

The international LGBT festival features a mixture of theatre, dance, film, photography, art, cabaret and debate in Liverpool and other cities across Europe. Make sure you're a part of it! DIVA will be!

Throughout November


16. Gaywise FESTival

London's GFEST is another excellent showcase of LGBTQI film, art and performance. With many events free, you've no excuse to watch the finest talent of the gay community as it is exhibited across the Big Smoke. 

TBC November





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