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The Voice of Ciara Cox

She’s made it through the Blind Auditions on The Voice of Ireland, but she needs our support

Fran Hayden

Wed, 16 Jan 2013 12:36:32 GMT | Updated 4 years today

Quirky and individual, Ciara Cox, 29, looks every bit the star that she hopes to become. However, as she told DIVA, "it's hard enough to get support on a show like this when you're not a mainstream looking act".


The show she mentions is The Voice of Ireland, which Ciara hopes to succeed on, following a "gut instinct" that told her to apply, once she'd "grown some balls" to do so, as she puts it. "That, and my mother said she would never listen to a word I sang again if I didn't do it!" she adds.


The Voice hopeful tells us she is from an island town called Enniskillen in N.I and has been singing in bands for about 12 years although she's adamant that "the first couple of years shouldn't count - they were bloody awful". We find this hard to believe though, as, if you watch her Blind Audition on The Voice, it's clear to see that this girl has talent. Her voice is smooth and powerful as she belts out Cowboy Casanova, this combined with her edgy, non-mainstream look of short curly hair (similar to Emeli Sande's, who Ciara says is "rocking her world" at the moment - she's also a fan of Bonnie Raitt) and denim outfit ensured that coach Sharon Corr selected Ciara for her team, stating that she has "more than huge potential" in the show.


In spite of her obvious talent, Ciara told DIVA that she does "think it's harder to succeed on mainstream shows like The Voice when you don't look mainstream. You may be remembered for it, but that doesn't mean the general public will pick up the phone to vote". That said, Ciara told us that the support she's received from the LGBT community so far has "been unreal". It's probably quite a big deal for her too; although she says she is "not a fan of the word 'Lesbian'" (or the word 'Viking', for that matter, she adds), she does define herself as gay.


Check out her Blind Audition video below and watch this space. You only have to look at Ciara or hear her voice to know that she is going to be B.I.G.


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