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Video: She King's new single Mirror Me

Fran Hayden is impressed by She King front-woman Shawnee

Fran Hayden

Wed, 16 Jan 2013 17:25:15 GMT | Updated 4 years today

As she stares into the camera it is easy to see that Canadian Shawnee "She King" Talbot means business. It isn't surprising really, seeing as her name means "fighter". She took up her Dad's guitar when she was younger and learnt about her musical gift, which led to Shawnee forming She King in 2009. They are not, however, a struggling indie band; Shawnee was soon nominated for her vocal performance in the Toronto Music Indie Awards as best female lead singer.


The lyrics in She King's new single, Mirror Me, are deep and sentimental; the song seems to be searching for nostalgia in the same way Shawnee is searching for herself in the mirror. However, as she sings the line "tell me something that I want to hear" in her breathlessly powerful voice, all I can think about are the many things I would like to say to her… if you get what I mean.


It might be sentimental, but She King produce punchy, powerful pop. And damn it's good. Mirror Me focuses on what could be Shawnee's own coming-of-age experience, or should that be coming out? In an interview in 2010, when asked what keeps her interested in the business, Shawnee replied "the girls". Hmmm.


Many queers love a good old identity crisis, and I know that I've spent hours in front of a mirror trying to find who I am. That's perhaps why I feel that I can relate to She King, I know what she's trying to say and it's none of that age old Disney "who is the fairest" stuff either. The song represents the true grit of struggling with your identity, finding out that growing up isn't all it's cracked up to be and the longing for your childhood. But hey, look at you Shawnee "She King" Talbot, things aren't so bad! You get to drive around looking frea-King (see what I did there?) gorgeous, doing a spot of motivational speaking and writing for other artists, and some have even described you as a new leader for empowerment. I'd say that's pretty good going! Oh, and not to mention that you can sing, like, really sing.


As far as I can tell, Mirror Me also reflects She King's contempt for the "business", i.e. the make-up, the pampering, the hair styles that are part of the music industry whether you want it or not. In the video she sits wearing leopard print, in a pink themed room with lots of variations of pink around as two women fuss over her. She isn't happy about this (the fussing, that is; we're unsure how she feels about the women) and instead opts for her yellow DM's, beanie hat and military style jacket to complete the video. I don't blame you either Shawnee, though having said that, you look good either way!

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