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Treat yourself to a GFW shirt

You'll love these sugar skull shirts.

Tue, 06 Dec 2016 15:27:36 GMT | Updated today

It's been nine months since GFW Clothing launched its first range of shirts.


We have learnt a lot in these months. We've learnt that you have been crying out for shirts in fun patterns, well made, and designed to fit your body. The high street just has not been meeting the needs of women who don't want an overly feminine style when it comes to shirts and we are glad that we are filling a gap in the market. 


Our most popular shirt by far has been the short and long sleeve penguin print, followed closely by the short sleeve dolphin print and black long sleeve with rainbow buttons. 


But wait! It is already looking like our new sugar skull print may now be our best-seller. Follow the link below to check it out as well as our new indigo blue "party" shirt with subtle contrast collar and cuff.


We thank you for your support. As a small, independent company without a big advertising budget we reply on word of mouth and repeat business - if you like what you see on the website, let your friends know!


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