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10 reasons why it's better to be single

No awkward card and gift moments, your favourite dinner - all to yourself and some proper "me time"...

Effi Mai

Mon, 11 Feb 2013 14:43:58 GMT | Updated 3 years today

Ah Valentines Day. The day of love, the day of romance and the day of expensive gifts that have to match up to unspoken expectations. It's the day that couples have strawberries and champagne as if those are sensible food groups and single people have milkybars and vodka. No, just me?

I think the single people tend not to like Valentine's day much because it reminds them that they are still living alone or at best surrounded by cats. But there are so many reasons why it's better to be single today.


1. There's no awkward present buying. The teddies clutching a fluffy heart, the fluffy cards spouting words of endearment and lust, the lusty lip shaped cushion covered in glitter and glitter coated I heart you banner. Chocolates and flowers, chocolate flowers and florets of chocolate. No one really wants them and most gifts will end up stuffed in the back of a drawer next to the spare lightbulbs and cellotape.


2. You won't have to smile through gritted teeth when you get one of the above presents or anything crotchless that you might receive later.

3. No panic buying of the awkward presents when it's suddenly the thirteenth and you end up queuing in Clintons with the other people who have forgotten and the desperate ones who plan to ply the ones they fancy with rose petals until they agree to date them. Such is the desperate world of love.

4. Not having to dig around in the back of your underwear drawer for those 'special' knickers made from itchy lace and rosebuds or your sexy boxers that tug in all the wrong places. 

5. You can still have chocolates for your own Valentine's breakfast and you don't need to worry about being bloated and fitting in to said underwear later. It doesn't matter if you put on your giraffe onesie, your fleecy socks and your beige underwear.

6. You can go pubbing and clubbing with your friends, drink Sambuca until you're full and then go out on the pull. You won't be sitting in some stilted restaurant paying eighteen pounds ten for a bowl of soup trying to talk to your woman through the streams of red and pink tissue paper hanging from the ceiling.

7. You can watch the entire box set of your favourite series because you've got the time to do it. Who doesn't want to rewind Bette getting into the pool or Alice and Dana eating whipped cream next to the fridge. And invite your friends Ben and Jerry to the party along with all their sugary goodness.

8. Cookie dough icecream always tastes better when you don't have to share it.


9. You can cook a wonderful meal for yourself and not have to worry about what anyone else likes or doesn't like. This is all about your roast dinner with extra cranberry sauce and a side of candyfloss.

10. As all websites and magazines say, "You can spend some quality time with the smartest, most beautiful, amazing person you know." Yes, your cat.

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