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Celesbian Twitterings: Week Two

What have our favourites tweeted this week?

Thu, 10 Jan 2013 15:41:02 GMT | Updated 4 years today

We tend to take it for granted now, but it bears remembering just what a truly revolutionary life-changing technological advance Twitter is, allowing us (as it does) to keep up with what television programmes our favourite celebrities and people in the media are watching. Generally as they're watching them.


Sometimes, however, they're not all watching TV. In fact, on the afternoon of Wednesday, 9 January, DIVA über favourite Heather Peace was squirting herself in the face with shower gel. Don't believe me?


Exhibit A:


@heatherpeace Squeezed & sniffed the shower gel to see if I liked the smell before i purchased. Have squirted it in my face. In public. Now sneezing.


@heatherpeace Sneezing because obviously it went right up my nose.


Now I don't stalk Heather well enough on Twitter to state with utter confidence that this is what her friends would describe as 'classic Heather', but I like to imagine it is. (It's just the kind of thing Miranda Hart might do on Miranda, actually. In fact, now that I think about it, Miranda the character should have a Twitter-focused episode where she joins Twitter and gets addicted or mucks up a lot. Could be hilarious.)


Anyway, within 9 minutes Heather's tweet had been favourited 9 times and RTed 16 times, which suggests that it struck a chord with many. It also proves definitively that Heather and her character Sam Murray on Lip Service are not one and the same. Sam would never squirt bodywash up her nose in a public shop, you see, because Lexy does all the shopping since they got engaged and moved in together in my mind.


In other news, Heather's former Lip Service costar Ruta Gedmintas aka Frankie Allan has been flying through the sky lately (or picking someone up at the airport, possibly) and spotting celebrities while she does so no less:


@Mighty_Minto Just topped my Hulk Hogan sighting at the airport, with SNOOP. Snoop people. The D O double G. Shizzle For rizzle twizzles.


I must admit I don't understand most of her tweet, but she sounds upbeat, which is great. (I'd be happier if she were tweeting about a new series of Lip Service, but that dream has not as yet materialised. BBC, if it wasn't for Africa (the documentary series, not the continent), you'd be on my naughty list. Like that nasty shoebill chick that pecked its little sibling to bits in episode two; seriously, that was a tragic bit of footage.)


In lighter news, meanwhile, Lucy Spraggan (you may remember her from X Factor) has been in New Orleans:


@lspraggan Just played at an open mic night in New Orleans, old school, playing 3 songs in a bar, with 9 people watching. #Truelove


It's difficult not to like Lucy - she's clearly very talented (yet charmingly self-deprecating) and enjoys interacting with fans, answering questions and whatnot. Not everyone on Twitter is nice, however, as she herself alluded to on January 5.


@lspraggan To the people that tweet abuse; I hope one day, when you need a job most, a potential employer scrolls down your tweets.


Nicely put. Like eldest shoebill chicks, people who tweet nasty stuff at celebrities are not on my party invite list either.


Speaking of parties, the very lovely Leisha Hailey of The L Word and Uh Huh Her fames tweeted an equally lovely pic of GF and bandmate Cam Grey chowing down on a corn cob just before her birthday.


Cam then tweeted a pic with the words: "Would love to put @leisha_h on a leash?"




The thought of this made me laugh, anyway. Not out loud, mind you. One of those laughs you do in your head.


Speaking of laughs, comedian Jen Brister has apparently joined the search for the cure for feline snoring:


@JenBrister I'm not lying when I say THE CAT IS SNORING! I may have to eat him.


And finally, this week's Under The Weather Lesbian Writer tweet award goes to the wonderful crime writer Val McDermid, who tweeted yesterday:


@valmcdermid Strange night of feverish hallucinations. The joys of flu...


Val, may I suggest that you check out Jeanette Winterson's medicinal recipe tweet as quoted here last week (see link below)? And get well soon!


In fact, get well soon everyone! Until next time…


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