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Fit To Fight: Week 5

Lucy Fry continues in her quest to be fit enough to box in a “white collar” match by 16 November. We follow her progress...

Lucy Fry

Mon, 29 Oct 2012 10:25:21 GMT | Updated 4 years today

With five out of the designated eight weeks completed in my quest to get ready for a 'white collar' fight in York Hall (November 16), you might well note that, time wise, it is all downhill from here. And, while I suppose that's technically true, something (or someone, namely my coach, Cathy Brown, tells me that we've still got of sweat, possibly blood and, almost certainly tears, to go.  Still, it's not just the balance of days-passed versus days-to-go that has tipped this week, but also my self-doubt versus self-confidence. Not that I've suddenly decided I'm some kind of ex-champion like my coach; I'm still very much a novice and cringe when I watch back videos of myself in training… 


But something major has shifted nonetheless and, what's more, I literally felt this happen. Somewhere between Wednesday and Friday of week 5, the heavy clouds of fear lifted, replaced by an aggressive, clear blue and (although there are certainly a few clouds still drifting in and out), I've got a fresh sense of perspective. It might seem dramatic, but it's true: over the past few weeks there have been moments when a flurry of (what, as it turned out, were really not very hard) punches has made my body and mind go into shock mode and although I was completely unhurt, I would go home feeling like someone just reached into the darkest moments of my past and played them in slow-motion on a big screen, with me in the front row.


As you can imagine, those feelings have made life during Weeks 1-4 fairly unpleasant so I'm thrilled that during Week 5, I've gone from fearing being hit (especially when sparring with very tall men, see pic!), to fearing not hitting well; from worrying that I can't cope with this, to worrying that I'll let myself down on the night. Fear and worry may still be part of my day's food, but at least they taste a bit better now, because, I'll be honest… I was beginning to wonder whether I would ever find the grit I knew I needed to fight and the teeth-clenching resolve I've displayed when doing hard training sessions involving running, weight lifting or cycling, but which I'd lost when it came to a full contact sport like boxing. Sparring on Friday night became an opportunity to try out the moves I had been working on all week, rather than an exercise in keeping my head down and trying not to get hurt. And, guess what? It was my best sparring session yet.


So, having taken this on as a primarily physical challenge, it turns out that it's the emotional and mental stuff that's hitting me hardest (pun intended). To the friends of mine this week who've expressed a distaste for boxing and women's boxing in particular I say this: in taking this journey to become a fighter, however inexperienced, I (just like many keen professional and amateur sports men and women before me I'm sure) must battle my past. With that, comes an acceptance of my present and, hopefully, an intangible kind of reshaping of my future: this experience - learning to take knocks and come back with something gutsy that puts me back in the game - can only make me stronger, more self-confident and thus more likely to make the right choices for myself. And, right now, I choose to give everything I have to the remaining three weeks of fight training and, of course, to the fight itself. Icanandwillsee this through, right until that last bell. The question now is, will I win (and, what's more, will you be watching)?



Fight night is 16 November 2012. To buy tickets (£25, £35 or £45), contact:


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