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Why we love: Hannah Hart

Danielle Burton shares 7 reasons she can’t get enough of this month’s DIVA cover star.

Danielle Burton

Mon, 14 Sep 2015 16:47:21 GMT | Updated 1 years today

Her endless talent


When people ask you who Hannah Hart is, you say "YouTuber, right? The genius behind My Drunk Kitchen". But then you can't seem to stop yourself, and 20 minutes later they regret asking you as you're still listing the things Hannah's been up to during the time you've been obsessing over her. "Yeah she's a gay YouTuber who cooks… but she also sings. Have you heard You're the 1Z? She knows Japanese. Oh and she wrote a cookbook last year. Well not really a cookbook, more of a parody cookbook, it's great. And Camp Takota. Who knew she could act as well? Ah, she's so talented. Oh and remember…"


We get it, but they stopped listening five minutes ago.


The puns


You hate to admit it, and if anyone asks, you would never, ever find a pun funny, but you know that's how she won your heart in the first place. Well, that and her irresistible charm. It's that cheesy yet adorable style of comedy that keeps us coming back for more. 


The collaborations


Harto has collaborated with almost every YouTuber of note; even "traditional" celebs like Jamie Oliver and to be honest, it's never not brilliant. Oh to be able to get along with so many people and make funny content regardless of who you're working with… well it's just impressive. And to be honest there's no better word to describer Hannah than impressive.


Her honesty 


Hannah has always been honest with her fans about herself, without being too personal and intrusive. She has talked publicly about coming out and any LGBT issues she has faced in the past, as well as mental health issues she does not want to keep stigmatised. She wants fans to understand that she is human, and that's always refreshing to see.


Her style 


There are not enough androgynous lesbians rocking so-called masculine clothes and short hair in the mainstream media. Hannah proves that clothes have no gender and helps challenge ideas about how women should look. She is definitely our style icon.


The originality


If we need a lesbian chef to admire or look up to, we're not short of candidates. But Hannah goes one step further than most. Her show is brilliant and unique and it's difficult not to completely fall for someone whose work is as original and lovable as this. Uniqueness is something we'll always be very fond of.


Her positivity 


Hannah Hart is fairly well know for her optimism and love for everything positive. She has been a part of campaigns such as #MakeItHappy and Have A Hart Day in an attempt to wipe out negativity and hatred and spread optimism and love. When it seems like everyone on the internet is a troll without a nice word to say, it's good to know that not everyone is so hateful.



Read Hannah Hart's most revealing interview yet in the latest issue of DIVA. On sale now at the links below. 


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