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Your New Year's Resolutions 2013

DIVA staff and readers share their resolutions for 2013

Gemma Rose

Thu, 20 Dec 2012 11:48:00 GMT | Updated 4 years today


"I turn fifty on June 28. At the moment there is a situation vacant for partner. No flipping way is that staying the same!" - Laura


"To become more actively involved in the fight for equal rights for LGBT parents/families" - Kelly


"To be fit enough to run a marathon and hopefully find love" - Sue


"To judge everyone less, especially myself" - Helen


"To be in an EQUAL relationship. To be in a job that I ENJOY. To live in a HOUSE rather than a flat" - Vicki


"Being with my online girlfriend" - Karla 


"To continue to live a simple life, embracing and pursuing experiences rather than 'stuff'" - Cee


"Hoping to marry my girlfriend" - Rai


"To be happier, be more positive and have more confidence in myself and my work! Oh, and sell lots of paintings and become rich!" - Emma


"To learn a brand new song on the guitar or ukelele every month!" - Kim, DIVA publisher


"More love, less fear" - Jane, DIVA editor


"Be nicer to everyone" - Louise, DIVA deputy editor


"I have many. Wish me luck" - Eden, DIVA features editor


"Eat healthily" - Zuleika, DIVA designer

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