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Nicola Adams takes the top spot again

The bisexual Olympic boxing champ tops the Independent on Sunday's annual Pink list.

Jordie Black

Mon, 05 Nov 2012 15:46:06 GMT | Updated 4 years today

It's been a fine year for our female athletes at the Olympic games; and it's been a finer year for women in the LGBT community, as Nicola Adams and Clare Balding take the top two positions in the Independent on Sunday's annual Pink list.


After an extremely successful year for the 30-year-old Olympic bisexual boxer from Leeds, Nicola Adams told the newspaper, "It's amazing to be on the list of such inspiring and influential people", and thanked everyone for their continued support.


Lesbian teacher Elly Barnes who topped the list last year described the honour as a "wake-up call to move to be a full-time LGBT advocate". Barnes, who claims she was oblivious to the impact her work was having prior to her top ranking on the list, is now an LGBT schools adviser in London and Birmingham.

Adams' love for boxing drove her to persevere for over ten years despite the sport's male bias. She impressed both her fan base and those who were critical of female boxing as she took the gold medal from it's previous holder; China's 'Ren Cancan'. What's more her positive, friendly nature has already begun to inspire young people around the world. 

Not only have the gay and bisexual women featured on the list demonstrated their considerable influence, but also the diversity of this year's list is a great achievement. In the top 10 alone there are sportspeople, a TV and radio presenter, two LGBT rights campaigners, an actress, a reality TV show winner and two politicians.

Well done then to all the women featured in this year's list; well done to all 101 people who were chosen; and well done to all those people, who perhaps weren't featured on the list, but continue to give their time to make the LGBT community a safer, friendlier and altogether better place.


The final word goes to the Independent on Sunday's Katy Guest who told DIVA: 
"The best response I got yesterday was a friend who texted me: 'My 10 year-old daughter is very excited to see her heroine, Nicola Adams, on the Pink List.' Best response the year Gareth Thomas was number one was: 'Thanks for making it OK for me to come out to my dad.' If those were the only two positive responses we got (which they're not, by a long way) it would still be worth doing the Pink List."

The full list can be found here

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