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Lesbian Disney kiss causes Guernsey furore

A kiss is just a kiss? Not when Ariel and Jasmine lock lips in the Channel Islands

Charley Ward

Thu, 02 Aug 2012 14:05:07 GMT | Updated 4 years today

Guernsey-based artist Sian Jones got more than she bargained for when she decided to display her artwork at the Guernsey Annual Art Festival. Two of her paintings, featuring well-known Disney characters sharing a same-sex kiss sparked a debate over whether or not the images were appropriate for exhibition.


The paintings, of Ariel and Jasmine (pictured right) and Eric and Aladdin, sparked media attention, resulting in a front-page story in the local newspaper, local radio interviews and an article on which garnered over 100 comments. While the majority of views expressed were positive, some had their objections.


The Deputy Head of a local primary school wrote on the Guernsey Sunday Arts Facebook page: "While I'm neither a prude nor anti-gay I was a little put off by the artist who was displaying large pictures of Disney characters in gay kiss scenes. I don't think a family event such as this is the place to display this work. It is a little difficult to explain to toddlers why Ariel and Jasmine & Aladdin and Eric are kissing, not to mention the huge infringement of copyright this artist has incurred. I think Disney Inc would be even less impressed than I was!"


But one commenter on the article disagreed, writing: "Well done Sian. I hope one day people who say "I'm not a homophobe but I don't want my kids to see pictures of gay people" will realise how ridiculous and contradictory their stance is."


Speaking to DIVA on the fate of the controversial paintings, Sian said: "The messages of support from the Guernsey gay community have been really great, however despite a lot of interest in the Disney paintings unfortunately they haven't sold yet, so they're currently residing in my bedroom!"

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