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DIVA Horoscopes

Aries (21 Mar-19 Apr)

Thank god for people like you, Aries. You went out of your way this weekend to comfort a close companion of yours. Right before they were ready to slump into a deep state of depression, you saved the day with your thoughtful and motivating words. Good on you! Now it's time to focus that attention on you. The week ahead holds a mixture of challenges and tests at work, which will have a knock-on effect on your morale. But don't allow yourself to feel weighed down. Add little but uplifting elements into the upcoming week and make sure you're the main subject.

Trait of the week: SELF-ASSURED

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Taurus (20 Apr-20 May)

No complaints here, Taurus. You've been on a roll at work recently, achieving goal after goal. A surge of energy got you through the dregs of last week - but trying to keep the momentum going for the week ahead is proving difficult. You'd much rather spend valuable time with your partner or friends hearing about their lives rather than working. On the plus side, the people that matter to you are confident in your progress and understand the struggle. There will be time in the very near future to let your hair down and catch up with everyone fully. Don't you worry.

Trait of the week: HARD WORKING


Passion Rating:

Gemini (21 May-21 Jun)

Well, if it isn't old Gemini here to fuck up everyone's plans. Towards the end of last week you gave your future arrangements a complete 180° twist. At the expense of others, you've disregarded concrete ideas and reckon your newfound beliefs will serve you just fine. Other people's concern doesn't bother you in the slightest, and to be honest - it never has. Unfortunately, it isn't as simple as making a decision and sticking with it. There are different personalities and thoughts you have to juggle in order to move forward. I know it's a bloody pain, but I promise it's worth it.

Trait of the week: CONFIDENT

Passion Rating:

Cancer (22 Jun-22 Jul)

Hold your head high, Cancer. Someone you thought of as being a true friend has gone behind your back and pissed you off big time. Trying to get your head around their actions is causing you to feel frenzied and, consequently, in the mood to cut them off completely. Now I'm not saying you're in the wrong, but it's always wise to take a step back and assess the situation before anything serious happens. Continue to look forward and keep those words to yourself - for now. The right time will come to confront this individual.

Trait of the week: TOLERANT

Passion Rating:

Leo (23 Jul-22 Aug)

You're almost there, Leo. The hard work you've invested into a personal project has proven difficult, and has played quite the strain on your mind. You know full well that the moment you see a worthwhile result, you'll be able to stop neglecting other areas of your life and immediately go back to the fun-loving and carefree version of yourself. Until then, keep up what you're doing and don't stop until you're happy. Usually life isn't this intense for you. You're much more suited to being buried in your sofa and zoned out to ITVBe. Those sweet, sweet times await, my friend.

Trait of the week: PERSISTENT


Passion Rating:

Virgo (23 Aug-22 Sep)

You can't stop smiling, Virgo, and it's infectious! Close friends and colleagues are receiving second-hand enthusiasm just from a simple five minute chat with you. Your bright and optimistic attitude is giving you the motivation required to make the week ahead a great one. The work tasks are laid out, the weekend plans are all set and you're in the mood to share the love. Life is good. This seems like the perfect opportunity to plan ahead for the upcoming summer. Take some time to think about what you want from your holidays, and do your very best to get those plans confirmed.

Trait of the week: BRIGHT

Passion Rating:

Libra (23 Sep-23 Oct)

A life makeover is due, Libra. You're feeling bored and a little tired of the way things are for you right now. You're not entirely sure which direction you see yourself taking, but you know deep down you have to put an end to your current day-to-day lifestyle. These feelings you have would certainly welcome a lengthy research session to discover what's out there. Working on self-development can be exciting. It opens doors for you that you didn't even know existed. The possibilities are endless, and life absolutely has a lot in store for you.

Trait of the week: NEUTRAL


Passion Rating:

Scorpio (24 Oct-21 Nov)

Calm it down, Scorpio. There is such thing as being too keen on someone, and knowing you, that is not the approach you want to take. A new and alluring character has you captivated. You've been receiving mixed signals from them all of last week, but there's only so much teasing and flirting you can take. This has caused you to become overly eager and as a result, made you seem like you're a little intense when it comes to love. It's time to withdraw ever so slightly and get back to your usual cool self. Only fools rush in, mate, and you are no fool.

Trait of the week: IMPATIENT

Passion Rating:

Sagittarius (22 Nov-21 Dec)

Everything seems hectic right now, Sagittarius. The week ahead will have you juggling a multitude of responsibilities and will leave you feeling bereft as a result. People rely on you to have it all together, assuming this sort of extreme organisation comes naturally to you. Your obsessive nature comes in handy around these times, but some help would be nice wouldn't it? Don't be reluctant to reach out and ask for a hand this week. Your reputation certainly won't be damaged, and you'll be able to move forward calmly and smoothly.

Trait of the week: UNSETTLED

Passion Rating:

Capricorn (22 Dec-19 Jan)

Anyone there, Capricorn? As of last week, you've been hesitant about spending time with people - as you're simply not in the mood for socialising. Friends and acquaintances have reached out to you but you're having none of it. It seems that you're finding comfort doing your own thing in your own damn company. Who can complain? You know you'll be in the mood to entertain and mingle in the near future, but for now things are staying as they are. My advice: be sure not to cut off any ties completely. If someone finds offence, explain the situation to them kindly. They'll get it.

Trait of the week: PRIVATE


Passion Rating:

Aquarius (20 Jan-18 Feb)

It's time for a celebration, Aquarius! Call your closest friends and loved ones, and get a big fat party planned. That's bloody right - you deserve it after completing the mission you set yourself. It turns out hard work does pay off; now it's time to let your hair down and reap the benefits. Summer is right around the corner and it's made you feel uplifted and excited for what's next. Not to rush between projects, but once the celebrating has ceased it will be beneficial to consider what is next for you. However this week, you are a champion and you shall act accordingly.

Trait of the week: TRIUMPHANT


Passion Rating:

Pisces (19 Feb-20 Mar)

So close now, Pisces. Those long, tiring work hours you're putting in may seem futile, but I promise some good fun is around the corner. You've been finding it difficult to feel motivated at work when the sun is beaming at you from outside, and unfortunately, the week ahead will not seem any different. Thankfully, the weekend holds all the amusement and laughter you could ask for. Remember this when you're knee deep in Excel spreadsheets and on the verge of falling asleep in that hour long meeting. It will be old news come Friday.

Trait of the week: OVERWORKED


Passion Rating: